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Is there something more than what I've been handed?

yeah my new secret is hoobastank...shh...I downloaded there single "crawling in the dark" and it's all I ever listen to...dont tell anyone or we're so not friends!
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.::show me wut itz 4..make me understand it..ive been crawling in tha dark..lookin 4 tha answer..is there sumthin more..then wut ive been handed..been crawling in tha dark..lookin 4 tha answer::.

u should download tha whole album...IT KICKS ASS! Woooo!!
hehe...well lata!

thats song is def. a good time...if you like hoobastank you should join this community!!!

(we need more members...*hint hint*)
yeah dude that song is tits
I so fell in Love with Hoobastank's song "Crawling in the Dark" the second I heard it!! Good to know someone shares my feelings!! I think they need more recognition!! HEHEHHEE