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Hey There

I've noticed that not many people have taken an interst in this community and I'm thinkin its perhaps b/c of a few reason...

1. LJ in general...I've noticed a decline in lj postings in the last few weeks perhaps thats it...

2. Everyone is afraid to admit to their closet pop status...in which case you all need to come out of the closet...and be happy bout it...I'm not sayin buy the new POD for instance but just post in "closet pop kids" confident that everyone who reads it feels the same way as you...we all dont necessarily like these bands they just write/sing catchy tunes that we enjoy to sing along to while driving in our car our shower for instance...

3. You all hate me...

it's one of those three...I know it...and please I dont need everyone to comment sayin how they hate me...but what would like is to see some more members...so tell you friends bout how fun Closet Pop Kids is...and to join today!!!
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