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Hi my name is Rae and im a pop-a-holic

I cant help but sing along to Britney, Mandy, Christina, you name it, I know it. I probably even know the dance moves. Im a classic closet case. I watch britney shows at 4 am with the volume really low so no one will hear and make fun of me. I even forced my niece to see Crossroads and a walk to remember with me so it looked like I was there for a purpose. I also went thru a really embarassing Spice Girl phase. Im talking t-shirts and everything. Somewhere in the back of my closet I have a box of spice girl stuff that no one has ever seen. Its been going on that long. I think I need help.
Also, If anyone hasnt heard the song im listening to right now, quickly open your nearest music downloading program and get it. I promise that it will make an excellent addition to your next mixed tape/cd.
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