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Closet Pop Kids' Journal

Below are the 25 most recent journal entries.


  2004.05.16  15.15

hi everyone! i am so happy to finally find this community! that is insane.... but i'm happy.

here's my big news of the week:
i went to FYE (music store in the mall) yesterday looking for the o-town c.d..... and i found their old one and a new one that i was unaware of both for only 3.99!!! the cashier asked me if i was going to cry... i was so excited- it was hilarious.

also- i have the 98* board game... with prizes like poster, pins, pencils, stickers, and best of all tattoos.... i tell my friends that we can play, but they can't keep the prizes- they are all mine!

alright i'm happy to be here and see what everyone else is super obsessed with.

Mood: mellow

  2003.11.28  15.54

i absolutly love blink 182...
all my friends make fun of me...alot...so i try not to talk about it.
but i just love them.!!

Mood: embarrassed

  2003.11.01  02.53

I just joined this here community.

I love Shania Twain's "Forever & For ALways"

omg, I can't beleive I actually TYPED that out.

it's very embarrasing.


I love Lumidee's "Never Leave You".

omg, I'm just gonna stop right now!

...this community is horrible!




  2003.09.23  04.51

Get The New Outkast Joint, and drop it like it's hot...drop drop, drop it like it's hot!

Mood: content

  2003.03.29  13.53
Justified and Stripped

Just thought some of you might want to know that now there is an official street team for the tour. You can win prizes and even backstage passes to meet Justin and Christina. If you wanna join, go here :)


  2003.01.24  06.18

I can't get Kylie Minogue out of my head.



  2002.05.02  08.20
you know I'd walk a thousand miles if I could just see you...

yeah make fun of me all you want but I think I like that venessa carlton song alot...girls with piano's (excluding tori amos who I'd murder) tend to rock such as amanda rogers...

Mood: blah

  2002.04.29  06.34

i was right about the ceelo cd being the hottest shit EVER!
its a musical orgasm
kinda like if you take al green, p funk, and outkast and mixed it all the fuck up, and pour the shit in a cup and you chug it, all while youre wearing a chicken suit!
its that good!
i kid you not motherfucker!

heavy on the freak sauce
yeah,...fuck yeah


  2002.04.02  11.48

did you guys catch that um dashboard congressional? video on mtv? it's sweet and its got all these weird I mean awesome close ups of the guys face...it's SWEET! but not as sweet as the commercial I saw after it...'da da da da nant, ma-rain, The Navy, YEAH!' it was sweet I think I'm gonna join the navy now!

Mood: amused

  2002.03.27  13.31

that ludacris song.. saturday ooh ooh or whatever its called..
so great.
fo sho.


  2002.03.16  00.15
i just joined

This is the perfect community for me.
Guiltypleasures: Madonna, Alicia Keys, Nelly Furtado, OUTKAST, Britney Spears, Ludacris, and that Kylie Minogue song


  2002.03.12  15.30
Hi my name is Rae and im a pop-a-holic

I cant help but sing along to Britney, Mandy, Christina, you name it, I know it. I probably even know the dance moves. Im a classic closet case. I watch britney shows at 4 am with the volume really low so no one will hear and make fun of me. I even forced my niece to see Crossroads and a walk to remember with me so it looked like I was there for a purpose. I also went thru a really embarassing Spice Girl phase. Im talking t-shirts and everything. Somewhere in the back of my closet I have a box of spice girl stuff that no one has ever seen. Its been going on that long. I think I need help.
Also, If anyone hasnt heard the song im listening to right now, quickly open your nearest music downloading program and get it. I promise that it will make an excellent addition to your next mixed tape/cd.

Mood: disappointed

  2002.03.08  12.35
My Closet Pop Kid Mixtape for Evan and Kenny's Road trip to the extreme.

the title says it all...

Jewel - My Hands
Madonna - Music
Hoobastank - Crawling in the Dark
Vanessa Carlton - A thousand Miles
Michelle Branch - All I wanted
Len - Steal My Sunshine
LFO - Summertime
Pink - Don't Let Me Get Me
Christina Aguilera - Come on Over
Shakira - Whatever, whenever
Moulin Rouge - Lady Marmalade
BBMak - Back Here
Dannii Minogue - All I wanna Do
Outkast - The Whole Wide World
Brittany Spears - I'm not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman
Kylie Minogue - Your Disco Needs You
No Doubt - Hey Baby
Alanis Morisette - Hands Clean
Enrique Iglacias - Escape

woot woot, Kenny better love it :-p

Mood: accomplished

  2002.03.08  11.43

anyone else heard this song and not think it was pretty amazing? Because... I do ;-)

Mood: amused

  2002.02.08  17.42

ok...so fucking cee low is the best shit ever
download the songs...
seriouslys like if you mix outcast with james brown...best thing ever
i cant wait for it to come out
fuck yea


  2002.01.28  01.44

I just wanted to say that Ja-rule is awesome and any R. Kelly song makes me laugh especially when he sings about the 3 little bears...

Mood: blah

  2002.01.22  12.51

the gorillaz album is hot
for real!


  2002.01.21  02.04
hot damn

ya know nothing makes a ugly day seem brighter than a warm pillow and nelly furtado's soothing voice. Now only if i could play this CD around my homeboys i'd be all right. But that sprite commercial told me that image is everything so i'm gonna keep it a secret Wouldn't wanna lose that hardcore creditability.


  2002.01.20  19.30

i just wanted to tell you all how good the new nas cd is....

i mean..umm..

i didnt buy that


  2002.01.07  06.53
Hey There

I've noticed that not many people have taken an interst in this community and I'm thinkin its perhaps b/c of a few reason...

1. LJ in general...I've noticed a decline in lj postings in the last few weeks perhaps thats it...

2. Everyone is afraid to admit to their closet pop status...in which case you all need to come out of the closet...and be happy bout it...I'm not sayin buy the new POD for instance but just post in "closet pop kids" confident that everyone who reads it feels the same way as you...we all dont necessarily like these bands they just write/sing catchy tunes that we enjoy to sing along to while driving in our car our shower for instance...

3. You all hate me...

it's one of those three...I know it...and please I dont need everyone to comment sayin how they hate me...but what would like is to see some more members...so tell you friends bout how fun Closet Pop Kids is...and to join today!!!

Mood: awake

  2002.01.07  04.06

yeah so the two newest pod singles are good as fuck
im thinkin about buying the album
man i suck

Mood: dorky

  2002.01.05  02.06

so. i bought the jay-z cd yesterday.
and.. i like it more than i should. oh god.

Mood: embarrassed

  2002.01.03  07.02
Is there something more than what I've been handed?

yeah my new secret is hoobastank...shh...I downloaded there single "crawling in the dark" and it's all I ever listen to...dont tell anyone or we're so not friends!

Mood: awake

  2002.01.03  03.28
I tried so hard and got so far...

Just wanted to say that I was listening to the edge and Linkin Park's "In The End" came on...and may or may not have sung along...shh...

Mood: quixotic

  2002.01.03  02.54
Closet Pop Kids...

Hey kids...this community is set up as a vent for people "too cool" to admit that they enjoy pop music, such as myself...not really sure how this community came about...I'm thinking it had something to do with me listening to 103.3 the edge for almost 3 hours today and chatting with friends bout my secret pop life...well I hope this can turn into a fun community.

p.s. I have left anonymous postin on in case you want to hide ur identity!